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TaeYang Renew Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing the most innovative and advanced cosmetic brushes and packages

to the world market through continuous research and development  since its establishment in 1985.

TaeYang Renew Inc. established manufacturing factory in China in 1999 and started working with world’s most famous brands in earnest. With the Retractable make-up brush as a main item, it continued to expand its market.

Taeyang Renew's Products

our items

Airless Cosmetic Dispenser

What makes our airless bottle truly outstanding is that the button is conveniently located on the shoulder part of the bottle, which allows users to feel very comfortable to use it.

Auto Lip Gloss

auto lip gloss description auto lip gloss description auto lip gloss description 

Airtight Cosmetic Pen

Our airtight pen prevents liquid inside from being exposed to air even while in use, so users can use the liquid as smooth as new until the last drop. In addition,

Innovative design allows the brush to pop up with liquid formula when the button on top is pushed.

Retractable Make-up Brush

This creatively designed all-in-one type brush with automatic “slide-open” feature brings a whole new experience for users in the world.  When users simply pull up the body, the cap on top automatically opens and the brush concurrently pops up.  


490, Sicheong-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Zip: 18536


Tel: 82-31-831-9881

Fax: 82-31-831-9882

Email: ​

Business registration number : 882-86-00293

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