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Airless Cosmetic Dispenser

Airtight Cosmetic Pen

Retractable Make-up Brush


Airless Cosmetic Dispenser

Airless dispenser with a button on shoulder!





a. The button is conveniently positioned on the bottle's shoulder, ensuring optimal comfort for users during its use.

b. You can adjust the amount of formula according to your preference. For example, when you push the button relatively long, more amount of the formula comes out and vice versa.

c. Because our product is airless, the formula can be consumed until the last drop.

d. The used tip does not reinsert back into the contents stored inside the bottle, ensuring a consistently fresh and smooth application

e. Not only do we offer a variety of tips, but the Airless Cosmetic Dispenser is also compatible with a diverse range of cosmetic products. This includes concealer, serum, lip fluid, oil treatment, and many more options for you to choose from.

f. Our product features a refillable package, allowing users to easily extract and replace the inner vessel with a new one when needed.

g. The button triggers an instant release of liquid through air pressure, eliminating any potential delayed dripping.

How to use

1. Remove the cap by lifting.

2. Gently push the button to allow the formula to automatically dispense from the body to the tip. Users can control the amount of formula to the extent of their preference based upon their intensity of the push.

3. Gently apply onto the spots

4. Once finished, close the cap again.  Upon closure, the button is designed to be automatically locked to prevent the formula from being dispensed. 

Airtight Cosmetic Pen

Preserving liquid very well
with convenient use 


a. This Airtight pen allows to minimize exposure of liquid formula to air so that the liquid will last as smooth as new until the last drop. Also, because the tip is located outside the vessel, the tip is not inserted in the vessel after use so it preserves the liquid inside very well.

b.  Because this bottle is All-in-one, the possibility of spilling liquid formula is nothing so users can use it very comfortably whenever and wherever they want to use it.

c.   Users can adjust the amount of formula according to their preference by pushing the button repeatedly.

d.  Our airtight pen is compatible with various cosmetic liquids such as oil treatment, eyelash serum, eye ordinary and water base nail polish etc. so the applicability of this bottle is indeed various

Obtained patents from various jurisdictions such as Korea, US, China etc.

How to use


Remove the safety cap at the bottom.


Unlock the safety-lock feature by twisting the button at the top to the counterclockwise direction. Do not push the button when the cap is not removed.


When the button is pushed, the brush automatically pops up with certain amount of liquid. Users can simply adjust the amount of liquid according to their personal preference by pushing the button repeatedly.


Apply the liquid to the spot.


After using Airtight Pen, please close the safety cap, and twist the button to the clockwise direction to lock the safety-lock feature.

Retractable Make-up Brush

Well distributed to global cosmetic brands such as Dior, YSL, Sephora etc through OEM

Retractable & Auto Close
Retractable & Auto Close

Lip brush with a unique structure.


This brush is very easy to use. When you pull up the brush, the cap located in the brush automatically opens and the tip of the brush pops up and vice versa.


User doesn’t need to worry about losing the separate cap.

Its supple bristle helps precise, even application of lipstick and lip gloss.

Recently it starts attracting our partners as a gel nail brush since it automatically blocks light when closed.


Already modified and sold as gel nail and gel eyeliner brushes, the bristles can be changed following buyer's requests.

Obtained patents from various jurisdictions such as Korea, US, China etc.

Retractable & Auto Close



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